Capt. Dave Noling
Capt. Dave Noling
313 S. 4th St.
Rockport, TX 78382
361-205-0084        E-Mail        Resume

My number one priority is to keep the owner's
best interest
first.  I've been doing this type of
work for about 30 years and there are many
"learning curves" in this business.  I'm not saying
I don't learn something new every day…but
there's just no substitute for experience.

I like to keep a boat in perfect shape…not just
cosmetically…but all systems working perfectly,
as well…something I like to call "bullet-proof."  
I'm not one to call a repair man at the first sign of
trouble…most of the time, I can fix it myself.

As for the "fishing end" of things…I've had the
pleasure of putting some really good and
professional teams together…with some of the
best mates and anglers in the world…which
allows us to "fare really well" at sea…all the way
around, whether it's in a big-money tournament
or just a normal day of fishing.

One thing I have learned over the years, is that
you can have the finest sportfishing boat…with
the best owner…but it's only as good as its
captain and crew.
1st Place
Texas Legends Billfish
1st Place
John Uhr Memorial
Billfish Tournament